RAVE: Lioele Blooming Gloss (Vanilla Pink)

I usually stay away from lip glosses because aside from the obligatory lip balm / SPF protection, the idea of something sticky, icky, and smelly on my lips is utterly unappealing.   Basically, if you’re going to do lip gloss in my books, you really have to do it right.  Otherwise, the  downsides are just too numerous: sticky lips, gross taste, gross smell, etc.

So when I heard that Lioele had among its cosmetic line a divine-smelling lip gloss, I quickly seized the chance to meet my potential holy grail lip gloss.  As the title so subtly imparted, I do believe I have found that HG gloss!


First, the smell.  Excuse the repressed Valley girl in me when I say oh em gee.  It smells like sweet candy.  But not the kind that gives you a headache after you wear it for a few hours.  The kind that is so divine you want to eat it.  Smell is honestly one of the greatest gripes I have with lip glosses in general.  Most lip glosses tend to be overperfumed with a sickly scent, like exaggerated vanilla / coffee / cake batter.  Those scents are so unpleasantly artificial that they tend to give me a headache.  But the Lioele Blooming Gloss doesn’t try its hands at an inaccurate imitation of vanilla, coffee, or cake batter.  It’s just a beautiful, sweet scent.  Glosses also tend to have an unappetizing taste when some chance to make its way to your mouth.  Not that I would outright eat any gloss, but I don’t even really notice when I accidentally ingest some of the Blooming Gloss…because it’s that wonderful.

The finish on it is also beautiful.  It’s smooth, juicy, and doesn’t settle in your fine lines.  It basically feels and looks like melted vinyl on your lips.

The shade I got my hands on was Vanilla Pink.  It’s a beautiful light pink (think bubblegum pink with cool undertones) with micro shimmers.  Very feminine.  Very girly.  (I was hoping to try Flower Pink, a shade with a stronger red undertone, but my store didn’t carry it.)  The color payoff is decent—pretty much what I would expect from a gloss that isn’t a stain.  However, for those with more pigmented lips, this lighter color might not show up as well as their darker shades.

Vanilla Pink Swatches: (L) One heavy coats; (R) One heavy coat, blended

The finish is super glossy with a subtle shimmer but the shimmers don’t add any grit to the gloss.  It’s seriously vinyl-smooth.  The texture feels luxuriously-thick, but not weighty.  The product coats your lips nicely without leaving them tacky. The tube is made of a weighty, almost glass-like plastic and is topped with a pretty, frosty cap. The doe-foot applicator is easy to use and mess-free.

The wear time on this gloss, when worn alone, is rather short.  The perfect, glossy finish only lasts for maybe an hour.  The tint it leaves behind, though, will stay for 2+ hours.  So yes, regular reapplication will be necessary, but that’s certainly something I can live with when a product smells so divine and when its taste isn’t immediately repugnant.  And at $10.50 a pop, I don’t feel like each reapplication is burning a psychological hole through my wallet.

My only wish would be for this product to be a little more moisturizing since, when worn alone, it tends to dry up my lips a little.  That’s no biggie, though.  I would probably always prep my lips with a balm since this doesn’t have SPF in it anyway.

The big question for most will be availability.  Lioele is a Korean brand and thus is not readily available in all markets.  I was lucky to find a brick and mortar pharmacy in NYC that carried Lioele products.  My only regret is that they didn’t carry more of the shades! But for those who can’t find a local store that carries some Asian products, Lioele is available at a few online outlets such as Thompson Alchemists (the NYC pharmacy I purchased mine from) and Pretty and Cute.


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