NEWSFLASH! Two Julep Colors + Pedi Cream for $14.99

Julep Flash Sale

Oh nos. Something else to push me towards beauty bankruptcy.  Julep is running a deal where you get two polishes of your choice and their Best Pedi Crème Ever* for $14.99.  This is actually an even better deal than their regular Maven boxes since those often include two polishes and a product for $19.99.  Plus, you actually get to choose both polish colors.  And, did I mention that pedi cream really is the best ever?  Why, yes.  Yes, I did.

Add your two polishes and the pedi cream, and input the code HEAT at checkout.  Limited quantities available.

*I realize the package says “Créme” but that doesn’t make sense and so I refuse to write it that way.

Update: I caved. I love that pedi cream that much. It makes my feet feel plush and soft.  When was the last time you heard “plush” and “soft” in the same sentence as “feet”?  Plus, I picked up some pretty neutrals (Kelly and Lynn).

Update, the Sequel: The code is now past capacity!


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