Hitting Pan: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 – Oil Free

I should actually be calling this entry “Hitting Pan (Sort Of)” because a) I actually finished the product so the pan has been more than just “hit” and b) it’s not a pan because it’s a tube.

The tube is icky looking at  this point, so there’s no use for me to scar your eyes with its pixels.  The box is also long gone at this point.  But, I did want to take this opportunity to give you my two cents:

This tinted moisturizer ($43 at Sephora) has been a cult favorite for many years now, and after my failed experience with Tarte’s Smooth Operator Tinted Moisturizer (which, incidentally, I think has since been reformulated into a BB cream), I couldn’t wait to open up this tube of great expectations.  Sadly, this was not the holy grail I had hoped for it to be.  

First, it is just way way too dewey for my combination skin.  At the end of the day, my forehead is an oil slick with this on.  The kicker?  I got this in the oil-free formulation.  Second, these days I gravitate towards products with physical sunscreens instead of chemical ones, and so even if I had liked this tinted moisturizer, it’s questionable whether I would have repurchased it on account of this factor alone.  Third, even when mixed with Tarte’s Smooth Operator (which I found clung to my dry patches when used alone), it still left me with an Exxon-style T-zone by the end of the day.  In sum, this was just too high maintenance (think mega powdering and blotting) for daily use.

And so the hunt for a great tinted moisturizer continues…



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