REVIEW: Super by Perricone Brightening Activator

“It’s ok because it’s good for you.”

Ever told yourself you should tough something out because the ultimate benefits were worth whatever it was you were enduring?  It’s probably what your mother told you when she was touting the benefits of eating liver or, in my case, eating bell peppers.

I bring this up because, after you’re done ooh-ing and aahh-ing at the distinctively pretty pink and white packaging of this toner, the first thing you notice—upon switching out the screwcap for the handy pump included with the bottle—is the smell.  As long as you’re expecting it, though, you won’t be as taken aback.  So, just so you know, this smells like cantaloupes gone bad.  Not excessively foul, but not heavenly pleasant either.  (We’re talking about cantaloupes that are overripe by say, 24 hours, and not much more.)

“If this product works,” I told myself, “I can deal with the smell.”  (In all honesty, I could deal with the smell even if the product didn’t work.  But it’s so much more fun to hold hostage what you think is your sought-after satisfaction.)

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